Little Explorers

Little Explorer sessions are designed for parents/carers to spend time together with your little explorers and engage in a variety of sensory play activities. All of the activities are carefully planned and provide a range of stimulation aimed and supporting your child's development.

Why Sensory Play?

Lots of research has been conducted about the benefits of sensory play and how it supports your child's development. Meeting as a group is a great way to meet other parents and carers whilst giving your child a really valuable experience. Sensory play helps your child's brain to develop by supporting the development of pathways, it allows the child to experience the world through their senses such as touch, smell, sight and hearing as well as aiding their communication. Sensory play also supports emotional development as it can be both calming and a stress release whilst giving your little explorer the opportunity to express themselves. In addition it helps to develop co ordination and memory which both contribute to all of the other areas of development.

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Little Explorer Sensory Play Sessions for Babies - this session is perfect for babies aged birth to 12 months. We provide a wide range of sensory experiences for your little explorer such as treasure baskets, heuristic play, music, textures and songs.

Little Explorer Messy Play Sessions for Toddlers - Our Messy Play sessions have been planned with inquisitive toddlers in mind! They offer a wide range of messy play activities which you may not want to do in your own home! Activities include foam play, sand, paint and malleable materials. Don't forget a spare of clothes!

Little Explorer First Aid Workshop - Our Little Explorer First Aid workshops are ideal for parents and carer with young children. All sessions include a manual for you to take home and we cover safety, unconscious casualties, CPR, choking, bleeding and bandaging.

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